Casino buffets in Batumi

Posted on 9th April, 2023

Serving quality food in wide variety is an essential aspect of casino service for the players. Practically all casinos in Batumi feed their players for free on evening buffets. Some casinos do this every day, others only during busy days of the week (Thursday to Saturday).

Survey of Batumi casinos found most interesting buffet offerings at:

Leogrand Casino - The widest buffet menu with over 50 different servings, including hot dishes;


Empire Casino - The biggest choice of sweet deserts;

International Casino - Most variety of fruits.

Keep in mind that free buffet policy at Batumi casinos is often abused by visitors who do not play. We do not recommend visiting Batumi casinos without indent to play. Otherwise, casinos could add such visitors to the blacklist.

Source: Batumi Casino