Casinos at Sarpi on the Georgian-Turkish border

Posted on 7th May, 2023

On the border of Georgia and Turkey, there is small village called Sarpi. It is a vital road connection point between the two countries. But are there any casinos at Sarpi? There are currently three slot halls at Sarpi, Georgia. One right outside of the border crossing point, and others closer on the way to Batumi. They are electronic slot casinos, with no live gaming tables. They cater mostly to Turkish tourists and truck drivers.

Alantic City and King Premier slot halls offer a variety of slot machines and electronic roulettes. They also offer club membership systems with loyalty programs for returning players. As for the live games, like roulette, blackjack and poker - experts consider it unprofitable to open a casino near the border - the village does not have the necessary infrastructure & live gaming casino license is not offered at a discounted rate here, so a full 5,000,000 GEL (2 million USD) per year license would apply.

Source: Batumi Casino

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