More than 1,000 dealers are employed by Batumi casinos.

Posted on 15th October, 2022
Casino dealers (also known as “croupier”) are the main bridge between players and their fortune, they are customer facing workers of the gambling establishment. A single gaming table requires about 7 members of staff when taking into account 24-7 operation, days off and holidays. This staff-to-table ratio is often lower in Batumi.

Black Sea Vegas often experiences a shortage of qualified personnel, so this gap is usually filled in by expats from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. According to Sergey Shagalov from Casino International, seasonal demands create additional difficulties for recruitment of staff. Every April demand for casino dealers increases significantly, yet half a year later the trend is reversed with staff layoffs, closure of tables and partial removal of slots.

In September 2022, Batumi casinos employed approximately 1,100 dealers. Biggest number of dealers is at newly opened Otium casino with a total of 160 dealers serving 21 gaming tables. Lowest number of dealers is at Casino International, with 60 people operating 13 gaming tables. Altogether Batumi casino industry employs approximately 4,000 people, excluding hotel operations.

Source: Batumi Casino