Popular Asian casino game Niu Niu is now being played at Georgian casinos

Posted on 11th September, 2022
A combination of baccarat and poker, table game Niu Niu is now available for play at Batumi casinos. The table game has its origins from Chinese and Cambodian casinos, and proved to be a popular choice for asian players.

The word Nui translates as “bull”. The name of the game represents a struggle of two bulls (player and dealer cards) in a contest to be a winner. The game has three types of betting options with different pay tables. The casino house edge varies and could even equal to zero! However, players should be careful, as table game breaks some basic casino principles - that a player can only lose the chips that were placed on the felt. While playing Niu Niu, if a dealer receives high card combinations, the player must pay to the house and add additional chips, upto 15 to 1.

Niu Niu table game can be played in the following Georgian casinos: Royal casino, Astar casino, Eclipse casino, Otium casino.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/blackseavegas