Progressive Jackpot in Batumi Casino Soars to $150,000 on Gaming Tables

Posted on 2nd July, 2024

In a thrilling development for casino players in Batumi, Casino International has unveiled a new floor-wide progressive jackpot digital signage installation for its live gaming tables. The introduction of the progressive jackpot involves multiple LED jackpot signage installations wall-mounted throughout the casino. These jackpot digital signs currently display an impressive jackpot amount of nearly $150,000 USD. This milestone has already caught the attention of local casino players, driving heightened anticipation and engagement across the gaming floor.

"The floor-wide progressive jackpot installation of digital signage marks a significant milestone for our casino," stated Sergey Shagalov of Casino International. "We are thrilled to offer our guests this electrifying opportunity to win big on our live gaming tables. The prominent LED signage features ensure that everyone can follow the rising jackpot and experience the thrill of potential winnings firsthand."

The concept behind the floor-wide progressive jackpot is simple yet enticing: a small percentage of each wager placed on participating live gaming tables contributes to the jackpot pool. As more guests participate in the games, the jackpot continues to grow until a lucky player strikes it big. This communal aspect of the jackpot fosters a sense of community among casino players, as they collectively watch and anticipate the jackpot's ascent.

Visitors to Casino International in Batumi have already begun to express their enthusiasm for the new feature. "It adds an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience," remarked one regular player. "Knowing that you could win a substantial jackpot just adds to the thrill of the game."

The casino management has also emphasized their commitment to responsible gaming practices amidst the prominent introduction of the progressive jackpot. Measures are in place to ensure that all gaming activities remain fair and transparent, with player satisfaction and enjoyment at the forefront of their operations.

As the jackpot meter continues to climb, anticipation is building for who will be the fortunate winner to claim the substantial prize. With the introduction of the floor-wide progressive jackpot and digital wall signage, Casino International located in Hilton has reaffirmed its position as a leading destination for entertainment and gaming excitement in the Vegas of the Black Sea.