Vegas style strip is being developed in batumi

Posted on 14th April, 2023

Distinct cluster of casinos is being developed along Alley of Heroes street in Batumi. The neon lit, Vegas style high-rise development is shifting the centre of tourist attention to a new district along the Black Sea coastal front.

The newly built Black Sea Vegas strip boasts closer proximity to international airport, enhanced transport access with wide three lane streets, pedestrian pave-walks, bridges, and numerous monuments. The beachfront has coastal restaurants, theme park entertainment and a lake with daily musical shows of singing fountains.

The cluster will have at least 7 casinos in walking proximity to each other and situated in various buildings on both sides of the strip. This high rise residential development contrasts old Batumi city centre, with its older built, low-rise districts, and narrow roads with heavy traffic congestion, burdening transportation during high tourist season.

Hotel & apartment room availability around the strip will accommodate at least 35,000 holiday visitors at any given time, paving way for casinos to offer evening entertainment. Casinos OTIUM and ASTAR are the first on the strip to have opened their doors to visitors. Ahead of 2023 tourist season both casinos recently added new variety of table games, as well as slot machines from Vegas-based Light & Wonder to entertain summer influx of foreign tourists.

Source: Batumi Casino

Photo: @dronoflyoversky