Ambassadori casino is working as usual after hotel fire.

Posted on 16th July, 2023

On March 31, 2023, an entire wing of the five-star hotel-casino Ambassadori burned down in Tbilisi, Georgia. The cause of the fire hasn’t been fully clarified, but according to one version of events, the fire was started as arson by a losing guest of the casino.


The casino Ambassadori in the basement of the hotel was not damaged by the fire, and was closed for a mere two hours, while firefighters extinguished the fire. The hotel building is currently being renovated, aiming to finish work by this year's end. Currently, there are 40 hotel rooms available for casino players at the other wing of the hotel, and before the new year there should be about a hundred hotel rooms available.


According to the management of Ambassadori casino, the fire did not affect casino operation in any way – there were no fewer players after the incident. On the contrary, the fire spurred on new interest among the playing public about the venue.