Casino Iveria Batumi introduces entry fee.

Posted on 26th July, 2023

One of the oldest gambling establishments in Batumi, casino Iveria, now requires a mandatory exchange of 100 GEL for every new guest visit. The updated policy is valid until the end of summer and could be prolonged further. For a 100 GEL entry fee, new players receive a promo voucher with the same value to play slot machines.


Paid entry is intended to protect casino from visitors who do not play but exploit free services such as food buffets and free drinks. Now every guest of the Iveria casino will be forced to place bets.


Currently, most casinos in Batumi have a free entry policy. Casino International in Hilton Batumi was one of the first venues to regulate abuse of free comps. The first visit there is free, but each subsequent visit is USD 100 in exchange for lucky chips.


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