An unprecedented influx of guests to Batumi casinos on New Year's Eve

Posted on 1st January, 2024

On the night of December 31, 2023 to January 1, 2024, the main gambling establishments in Batumi experienced a large influx of customers and were unable to accommodate everyone. In some cases live queues formed to casino doors (video clip of the popular ROYAL casino on Europe Square). Inside the casinos players were not able to sit at a slot machine or a gaming table for hours; there was not enough staff, and all the food buffets were quickly eaten.


One of the most popular casinos in the city: Eclipse even introduced mandatory exchange of $200 to chips in order to increase the entry threshold, but people who paid this money could not play and waited until the morning for free seats. Peace Casino introduced the same entry threshold of $200 in advance. The Iveria casino Batumi allowed entry only to players with membership cards. Located in historical center of Batumi, the Royal Casino similarly was not able to accommodate everyone. The higher end gaming Casino International in Hilton raised minimum chip exchange for guests to $500.

The excitement on New Year's Eve is partly due to the fact that Batumi casinos again began to focus on players from Turkey (after the events in the Middle East), making special offers for them and holding concerts of Turkish pop stars. However, there were many visits and first registrations from citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The influx of guests from Israel has partially returned, but not to all Batumi casinos.