Batumi casinos reduced the number of slot machines

Posted on 4th January, 2024

The overcrowding of casino equipment at Batumi casinos over the New Year's Evening were partially explained by the fact that there were now fewer slot machines on the gaming floors. At least five Batumi casinos have already reduced the number of slots in their gambling halls in anticipation of new tax burden.

The state-appointed monitoring agent Random Systems carried out numerous field visits at the end of December with the aim of deregistering gambling equipment and dismantling its monitoring devices (it is mandatory under Georgian law to install them in every slot machine in the country). Some casinos switched off slot machines, while others took the gambling equipment to the storage warehouses.

Georgian federal budget receives tax revenue of 4,000 GEL per quarter for each slot machine in Batumi; as well as 200,000 GEL per year for the license of each slot hall. From January 1, 2024, two additional taxes are introduced tied to slot machine turnover. On top of these taxes, additional fees are charged to each slot machine for the monitoring system, thereby forming another hidden “tax” for compliance with the law.