Casinos in the USA began to allow photos & videos.

Posted on 7th June, 2023
The casino industry has been very conservative and restrictive about social photography and videos inside the venues. However, recently one of the leading gambling companies in Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International, has launched a new policy - Get Free Report. “We now allow our guests to take photos and videos and, if necessary, share this content through broadcasts on social networks,” MGM said in explanatory documents.

However, there are several restrictions, including that guests must not take photographs over a long period of time, or close-up videos of gaming equipment such as roulette wheels. Guests should also try to avoid photographing other players orc casino employees. If a player wants to broadcast a video of his game (stream), he needs to obtain permission from the casino in advance.
Other casinos in Las Vegas are also interested in the de-restriction of filming, realizing the great advertising effect from such actions of their guests.

Will Georgian casinos adopt this marketing ploy or will they not want to bear additional security risks?

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