Dress code at Batumi casinos

Posted on 27th May, 2023

The new 2023 tourist season is about to start in Batumi, Georgia. Many first-time visitors will arrive at Black Sea Vegas. We asked the question - what sort of dress code do casinos in Batumi except for the players? The answer was quite simple, all gambling halls visitors in Batumi can choose their style of clothing at will, and can be any style, which does not provoke any concerns for other players at the casinos. So even the sportswear is fine, shorts, slippers and sunglasses. There is no discrimination on religiously styled clothing, such as Jewish Kippahs or dishdash robes worn by Middle East tourists.


However, casino in Batumi do forbid clothing worn by special service personnel, such as firemen or police on duty. Let’s not forget that any Georgian nationals working for the government are by legislation banned from playing at casinos anyway. There are also restrictions for visitors in dirty clothes or any wear that could ruin the clothes of other visitors. The casino players can choose to wear relaxing and comfortable clothing style, that conforms with their individual norms. There is no requirement to wear a smoking jacket or evening dress, unless the players prefer it.

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