Israeli are the second most popular player group in Batumi casinos.

Posted on 8th October, 2022
It is no secret that Turkish players in Batumi have always been the dominant force behind gaming revenue and visitor numbers for the majority of casinos situated in this city. Close geographical proximity to the Turkish border and a road connection through Sarpi checkpoint made their travel easy and accessible. Batumi airport has always enjoyed regular flight connections with Istanbul airports (from both sides of the Turkish capital).

Back in summer 2021, Turkish border was still heavily restricted by COVID related measures, making it a struggle to find players for re-opening of Batumi based casinos. Yet it was the sudden influx of Israeli players that was a much welcomed surprise. Newly established direct airline ✈️ connections with Batumi airport boomed visitor numbers from Israel and provided a much-needed economical boost to Batumi based casinos.
As border restrictions were finally lifted, Turkish casino players returned to the gaming floor. But by summer 2022 Israeli players became an established group of players for casinos in Batumi. At the same time, Israeli players enjoyed exploring a new travel destination, with attractive terms, good service, and a variety of casino operators to choose from.

Direct airport connection to Batumi coupled with junket manager partnerships have played a critical role in promoting and developing new casino player visits. Israeli players have now become the second biggest player segment in Batumi. It is only a matter of time before the first Kosher casino opens in this city.