Which Batumi casinos have poker?

Posted on 6th October, 2022
At the moment a total of 6 casinos in Batumi offer player-to-player poker gaming tables. The biggest poker club in Batumi is located in Eclipse casino, where they also have occasional events, such as tournaments. Second biggest poker room is at Royal Casino, with active table quantity ranging from 2 to 6 tables, depending on demand. Empire casino and Leogrand also offer poker rooms with 3 tables in each. Casino Golden Palace and Iveria Batumi also offer daily cash games on at least one table. Chinese casino Astar has a P2P poker table in one of its VIP rooms, where access is restricted.

All in all, poker rooms in Batumi casinos play cash games in the evenings, and players are asked to check game availability via telephone in advance.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/blackseavegas